At Howard Johnson Grand Plaza, a job title is not limited to a list of responsibilities. Every position carries a whole package of dreams and ideals. Every employee is encouraged to bring to light his/her hidden talents and creative ideas.
We invite you to take a journey in the Alter-Ego universe...


She draws her inspiration from the forests, the mountains, the oceans and the sky… Nature and art are blending in her hands. Inspiration is a deep river which runs through her veins and allows her to tame colours and shapes and to turn them into matches made in heaven. The flower arrangements she creates shed a special light on the halls and tables they adorn. Her sharp sense of finesse, and attention to the smallest details, turn her work into pieces of art. Ladies and Gentlemen, we introduce the Landscaper of our castle…


The big picture and the small details are equally important in producing the show. The show she produces needs to be perfect for the viewer, with the right balance of text and music, the adequate lights and colours, the right people at the right place. Vision needs to blend in with perseverance, and creative skills need to be accompanied by persuasive skills and endurance. Seasons and ratings may be low or high, but the show must go on and be as glamorous as possible.


She is the Leader, the commander-in-chief, the figure everyone looks up to and draws inspiration from. She leads and inspires people, marshalling forces and resources so as to win every battle. Her intuition is sharp as a razor, her decisions firm and her commands clear and concise. She anticipates the moves of the competitors and creates the most adequate strategy for every crisis. The driving engines behind her actions are enthusiasm, devotion and regard for the honour and achievement of the troops Ladies and Gentlemen, The General!