For you it’s only a coin
for them it’s the future

Every year, at every major soccer match, the fans are forced to throw away thousands coins before entering the stadium. What if those coins could be used? What if they could change someone’s life?

This year, we will try to change the fate of those thrown coins, but more important, the fate of children that need help. Together we will collect all of that money and even more to help the children with disabilities supported by Mihai Nesu Foundation. Mihai Nesu Foundation, Unicredit Tiriac Bank and GSP came together under an initiative that can forever change the way that Romanians go to the stadium. During the next 3 UEFA Champions League matches that F.C. Steaua will play on the National Arena, we will collect in an urn as many coins as possible, coins that, normally, were thrown away by supporters. And this is only the beginning. If you’re not a fan of F.C. Steaua or you’ll not be able make it to this particular matches, it doesn’t mean we don’t need your help. For you it’s only a coin, for them it’s the future.