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Personal Session

Forbes Annual industry overview

A succint but a very interesting interview about the overall annual industry landscape.

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Wall Street 2GROW Human Resources Conference

Wall Street 2GROW conference series is a space for debates between trainers, coaching and mentoring specialists, on the one hand, and human resources specialists and entrepreneurs, on the other.

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Leader's challenge Televised panel discussion

A short discussion about the human resources management and recruitment challenges in an era that work structure, dynamics and incentives are reinventing.

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Biz magazine Business expansion overview

A brief overview into the regional expansion of business based on a long lasting partnership and smart business strategy.

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IAA Young Professionals România Influencer Marketing Conference

Young Professionals Evening is an umbrella project designed to encourage debate, transfer of know-how and follow trends in marcomm. The project is structured in thematic workshops, with special guests and big names from the marketing and communication industry.
The conference manifested itself in the form of a debate on topics such as: the role and importance of marketing influencer, example of good practices, trends and tendencies.

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The money channel Televised interview

A one to one interview about best practices and efficient ways to advertise your business and products on Facebook.

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Fibra Advertising Festival Conferences

A short but insightful presentation about the influence that the teh landscape has on the business strategy and how marketing objectives can enhance results in this context.

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SMARK Marketing & Advertising Conferences

Tackling a controversial and difficult task as gender centric communication (men in this particular case) always generates interesting and polarising discussions.

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